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Equipment: Refrigeration Air Dryer
Equipment Type: Drying Equipment -> Others
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Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-08-12
Main Features:
Description: 1,Perfect refrigerated system configuration. Initial parts come from foreign famous brands to ensure efficient & system reliable running & life as well. 2, Refrigerated & air system is accurate calculated by professional designing engineer, keep 20% capacity. 3,Gas liquid separated thoroughly. Filtering separated with HANKISON element. Thorough separation, avoid the second vapor of water, ensuring dry effect. It better than cyclone separated and it will reach efficiency at 99.99%. 4,Pipeline is made from inner zincification. You can choose working pressure during 0.3~4.5Mpa. 5,Stainless steel pipeline, it''s suitable for medicine, food stuff, acid-resistant, alkaline-resistant and erodent-resistant industry. 6,Ripple pipeline of both internal and external of the heat exchanger to increase the using rate of cooling air, adverse current structure, perfect returning temperature and it won''t freeze. 7,Evaporator is made from laminose copper pipeline with aluminum flake, high efficiency of heat exchanging of the perfect structure. 8,Good drainage, it adopts 3 grades for draining, can drain lots of condensate water and oil contaminant so as to keep clean and dryness of the system and air, meanwhile reduce system load. 9,Multi-control of circuitry to supply to different users (single control; integrate circuit, linkage control, PC panel, frequency conversion, etc.) 10,Outer cooling fan with large volume, low noise, and long life if switch frequently. 11,Low condenser made from copper, slow flow, multi-cycling and high heat exchanging rate. It won''t freezing and dirty if stop for a long time. 12,Armstrong foam burning resistant & adiabatic material. It''s the least loss of cooling air. 13,Protection level of compressor is IP54 (dustproof and spill proof).
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